Competition Terrain 

Middle Distance, Long Distance, Relays

 The area is dominated by complex granite outcrops. Many of the higher hills support spectacular granite formations with grand views of the countryside. The terrain varies from flat and undulating to very steep. Generally broader hillsides with many gullies and saddles predominate throughout the area, although some complex contour details occur in some sections.

 The forest is made up of native trees, mainly Eucalypts, Cypress Pine and Wattle with runnability mostly fast to very fast through open forest. The understorey in some sections of the forest restricts visibility and runnability greatly through a concentration of scrubby bushes, young Cypress Pine, fallen timber and rocky ground. The extensive rocky ground is a major feature of the area and reduces runnability in many sections of the area  to slow run (as if it were light green). The area is a working farm so extensive areas of rough open pasture occur in the sections away from the rock, especially along the many broad valleys.

Granite rock is strewn throughout the area and presents many boulders (some towering over 6 metres), rockfaces, bare surface rock and rocky ground. Many clearings occur throughout the area. The region is currently experiencing drought and so water is rare. Most watercourses, pools and creeks are dry, with some small erosion gullies occurring.

 The attached JWOC07 Terrain Features Guide provides a more detailed description of the various aspects of the terrain and a number of photographs illustrating the terrain are also included.

The Terrain Features Guide is available for downloading by clicking on the link above (or by right-clicking and following the "Save Target As" instructions).