JWOC 2007

 Bulletin 2

Dubbo Information

Dubbo is home to one of the world’s greatest open range zoos and boasts numerous other delightful attractions. Dubbo City is perfectly situated right in the centre of New South Wales and within easy reach from most of the eastern interior and seaboard of Australia.
A thriving and prosperous city, Dubbo is home to a rapidly expanding resident population and is well serviced to provide for the half million plus visitors that come each year.
Good food, shopping, entertainment, accommodation and customer service are par excellence. A standard that is demanded of a city but here it is accompanied with a country smile.
(NB. World Wide Web links to more information are highlighted in purple)
Click on these links for more information about Dubbo:
The Dubbo Tourist Information Office: www.dubbotourism.com.au/
Dubbo City Council: http://www.dubbo.nsw.gov.au/
Dubbo City On Line: www.dubbo.com.au
Dubbo "Daily Liberal": http://dubbo.yourguide.com.au/home.asp
Welcome to Dubbo (a community page): http://www.dubbo.org/
Dubbo Guides: http://dubbo.placeclick.com.au/guides/
Chamber of Commerce: http://chamber.dubbo.com.au/chamber/index.htm
Dubbo Rhinos Rugby Club: http://rhinos.rugbynet.com.au/

Getting to Dubbo

Dubbo is located at the meeting point of the Newell, Mitchell and Golden Highways. Dubbo is a five hour drive from Sydney (414km). There is a daily train (XPT) service between Sydney and Dubbo. The trip takes approximately six and a half hours. Dubbo is less than an hour’s travel from Sydney by commercial aircraft. Regular daily flights are offered by Regional Express Airlines and Qantas Link, to and from Dubbo, seven days a week. There is also a daily bus service from Lithgow to Dubbo which links with the regular train service from Sydney to Lithgow.


The Dubbo area experiences a temperate climate. Summers are warm to hot with temperatures ranging from 17°C to 33°C. During the winter months, the average daily temperature varies from 3°C to 17°C, with some occurrences of early morning frost. Dubbo has an even distribution of rainfall throughout the year. Average annual rainfall for Dubbo is 584mm with January being the wettest month. The event will occur in the middle of winter and so the days will be short- approximate sunrise at 7:06 and sunset at 17:14.
Find out what the weather is in New South Wales today:
and locally in Dubbo:

JWOC 2007 Organising Committee

Chairperson: Ron Pallas
Planning Director: Robert Spry
Technical Director: Dave Lotty
Finance Director: Barry Hanlon
Marketing Director: Paul Prudhoe
Events Director: Ted Mulherin
JWOC Team Liaison: Nick Dent

Event Controllers

IOF Event Advisor: Urs Hofer(SUI) urs.hofer@dplanet.ch
National Controller: Christine Brown christine.brown@education.tas.gov.au
Assistant National Controller: Robert Vincent

Race Officials

Mappers: Eric Andrews/Alex Tarr
Course Planners/Controllers:
Sprint: David Meyer/Nick Wilmott
Long: Julian Dent/Basil Baldwin
Middle Qualification: Jim Merchant/Terry Bluett
Middle Final: David Shepherd/Bill Jones
Relay: Phoebe Dent/Dick Ogilvie


Saturday 7th July 2007: AM Model Event PM Opening Ceremony
Sunday 8th July 2007: Sprint Distance
Monday 9th July 2007: Long Distance
Tuesday 10th July 2007: Rest Day
Wednesday 11th July 2007: Middle Distance Qualification
Thursday 12th July 2007: Middle Distance Final
Friday 13th July 2007: AM Relay PM Closing Ceremony

Event Centre

The event centre will be located at the Dubbo Mainstay Motor Lodge.

Travel to Australia

Visa details: All travellers, except New Zealand citizens, must obtain a visa or travel authority before travelling to Australia. Visas will be issued to travellers as an electronic record on the department’s computer systems and/or as a label or a stamp in your passport. Travellers from the following countries can apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa- Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong SAR, Ireland, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA. More information: www.eta.immi.gov.au
Travellers from all other countries need to apply (at least 6 weeks in advance of travel date) for a short stay Business Visa (456).
More information on these links:
Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
Australian government offices in foreign countries
Travel documents required to enter Australia
Visa application form

Jet Lag

Due to the distance that most teams will have to travel to Australia jetlag needs to be considered when arranging timing of travel. The effects of jet lag on athletes can be quite serious and we strongly suggest you take account of this in your arrangements for travel to Australia. Have a look at the following website: www.medicinenet.com for the latest information on what you can do to alleviate the effects.
We, in Australia, have extensive experience of the effects of jet lag, as we regularly send our competitors to Europe for orienteering. The Australian Institute of Sport recommends that you allow 12 hours recovery for every 1 hour of time difference travelled.


Classes are W20 and M20. All competitors must be born in 1987 or later.
Preliminary entries deadline is 30th March 2007. The official entry form will be available on the JWOC 2007 website:
Please use this form to enter the event. Click to open Preliminary entry form
Preliminary entry will include the following information;
Number of competitors (maximum 6 male and 6 female);
Number of relay teams ( maximum of 2 men’s and 2 women’s teams);
Number of officials (maximum of 4);
Team leader’s details (name, address, phone, e-mail;)
Accommodation requirements (Category A, B or C);
Attendance at Official Training Camp (Fri 29th June – Thurs 5th July);
Date and place of arrival and departure.
Final entry form will be included with Bulletin 3 and will be due by 15th June 2007.

Entry Fees

Category A: $700
Category B: $600
Category C: $500
Fees include participation in all events including model event, maps, accommodation with meals from Friday (evening) 6th July – Sat (morning) 14th July 2007, closing ceremony banquet, transport to and from the events.


There are two locations for the team accommodation at the event centre. They are across the road from each other. All categories include breakfast, lunch and dinner from dinner Friday 6th July to breakfast July 14th. All accommodation is heated. Accommodation in Category A is limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
Category A: 5 bed cabins with shower and toilet, some cooking facilities, refrigerator and TV.
Category B: Motel rooms with 3, 4 or 5 beds, toilet, shower and TV.
Category C: Lodge accommodation with rooms of 5 double bunk beds with shared toilet and shower facilities.

Event transport

Transport to and from all events will be provided for all competitors and officials and is included in the entry fee. Individual transport to the finish areas can be used (no discount on entry fee). All competitors must use the official transport to the start areas.


All payments are to be made by 18th May 2007 to the JWOC 2007 bank account in Australian Dollars ($AUD).
Bank Account Details:
Beneficiary: OANSW JWOC 2007
Beneficiary's account No: 062279 10209432
Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Address of Bank: Stockland Mall, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153, Australia.

Press and Media Representatives

Press, media and extra representatives will be accommodated at or near the event centre. The Press Centre will be located at the Event Centre and will have telephone, fax and internet connections. The price for the press and media is $700 per person. This includes full board, accreditation, model event, media race, start and result lists, maps, transport and banquet. Final registration sent to organisers by 15th June 2007 using the entry form on the JWOC 2007 website:


All maps conform to IOF standard ISOM 2000 and ISSOM 2005.
Sprint Distance: 1:5,000, 2.5m contours
Long Distance: 1:15,000, 5m contours
Middle Distance: 1:10,000, 5m contours
Relay: 1:10,000, 5m contours

Preliminary Course Lengths

Sprint Distance: 3.0km/13min
Long Distance: 7km/ 55 min
Middle Qualification: 3.0km/20min
Middle Final: 3.8km/ 25min
Relay: 5.0km/3x35min
Sprint Distance: 3.4km/13min
Long Distance: 11km/70min
Middle Qualification: 3.4km/ 20min
Middle Final: 4.5km/25min
Relay: 8.0km/3x45min


Terrain Description

The sprint event will be held at Western Plains Zoo. It is a flat forested area with sections of open parkland. It has an irregular road and track network with some buildings and fences along with numerous out of bounds areas. It is a public area with pedestrians and cars.
Long/Middle Qualification/Middle Final/Relay
The area is dominated by complex granite outcrops. The terrain varies from flat to undulating to steep. Generally broader hillsides with many gullies and saddles dominate the area. There are some sections of complex contour detail. The forest is made up of native trees mainly eucalypts and cypress pines and runnability is mostly fast to very fast through open forest. Areas of rocky ground reduces runnability to slow run in sections of the area. The area is a working farm with rough open pasture in the broad valleys and some fences. The ground will be hard.

Embargoed Areas

All forests and parkland within 50 km of Dubbo are embargoed for all potential members of JWOC 2007 teams (competitors and officials) and others who through knowledge of the terrain and competition details may influence results of JWOC 2007 competitions. This includes access to Western Plains Zoo.


All competitors will need to have a southern hemisphere compass.

Training Opportunities

Official Training Camp Number 1, Aussie Granite O7 Tour
Wednesday 3rd - Sunday 7th January 2007, Ultimax Stingers 5 Day Event in Orange. (157km) south east of Dubbo.
All events will be held on granite terrain providing an ideal opportunity to experience competition in Australia on terrain similar to the JWOC 2007 terrain. Accommodation including all meals will be available for organised groups (cost $340 per person). For more information and entry form go to www.nswstingers.com
Monday 8th – Sunday 14th January 2007, Canberra.
Training camp on granite terrain around Canberra. Accommodation and transport will be organised. Cost to be notified. For information contact Nick Dent at JWOC 2007 information.
Official Training Camp Number 2
Friday 29th June - Thursday 5th July 2007 - Orange, NSW.
Accommodation will be available in Orange. Orange is located 261km west of Sydney and 157km south east of Dubbo. Cost of the full training camp will be $475 (accommodation and all meals per person).
Teams will need to organise their own transport during this training camp.

Adopt O

Attracting Dedicated Overseas Participants To Australia.
This is an offer to potential JWOC 2007 competitors to visit Australia and compete in some orienteering events and to do some training on granite maps in preparation for JWOC 2007. Australian orienteering families have offered to adopt visiting orienteers from abroad, enabling the visitors to stay with Australian families during late December 2006/early January 2007. This will enable junior orienteers from abroad to compete in the “Ultimax Stingers 5 Days” to be held in Orange from 3rd to 7th January. Further training opportunities will be organised the week after, based in Canberra (see information on “Aussie Granite O Tour”).
Visiting orienteers will pay for their food while staying with the host family, but they will be provided with accommodation and transport to the events gratis. There will be a cost for the training week in Canberra. If you have orienteers from your country who would be interested in being involved in this program contact Nick Dent.

Training Maps

Gumble Creek: 1:10,000, 5m contours
Pinnacles: 1:10,000, 5m contours
Kahli's Rocks: 1:15,000 and 1:10,000, 5m contours
Seldom Seen: 1:15,000 and 1:10,000, 5m contours
Pinecliffe: 1:10,000, 5m contours
These maps are available for purchase before the training camp (cost $3).
Contact Nick Dent at JWOC 2007 information.

Punching System

Sportident punching system will be used. Sportident cards will be provided on request.

Public Event

A program of public events will be organised during JWOC in Dubbo. These events will be on 7th July, 10th July ,12th July(pm), 14th July and 15th July. Further details are available on the website:

Important dates

Preliminary Entries: 30th March 2007. Click to open Preliminary entry form
Full payment for all competitors and officials: 18th May 2007.
Final entries with competitors’ names: 15th June 2007.
Media registration: 15th June 2007.


JWOC 2007
c/o Nick Dent,
8 Irving Close, Terrigal 2260,
NSW, Australia.
Tel: +61 2 43843627
Email: dentwood@bigpond.com
Web page: http://jwoc2007.orienteering.asn.au/


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